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arabian style dresses

Islamic Clothes |What’s the Significance of the arabian style dresses ? Is there actually such meaning in Islam (Islamic Clothes)? Is the Dark Abaya from the schooling an regulation? Can Girls wear embroidered Abaya or the colored Dress? , That All what we would reply in that Topic.

Islam has honored Girls with all respect; after girls in pre-Islamic Islam were treated as subjects as well as deprived of their most basic rights, Islam came with its honest and tolerant law to give women their full rights and to let them engage actively in the operation of many tasks in society. Psychological traits, social standing, and special Conditions, and maintain the image of women in society pristine picture


Islamic Clothes |What is the Significance of the Islamic Clothes ? Is there actually such meaning in Islam (Islamic Clothes)? Is the Black Abaya from the schooling an regulation? Can Girls use the colored Dress or embroidered Abaya? Reply in that Issue.

The following is included by the principles of Islamic dress in Islam:

-The dress that a woman wears should be broad and loose, Meaning that it is not a narrow line that describes a Muslim woman’s entire body.

-The dress needs to be a cover That doesn’t allow the eyes to find out what is behind it as a garment.

-It is not permissible to wear a dress that is short on the Knees but it ought to be comprehensive except for two members: the hands and the face on the vast majority of scholars’ view. Others should cover the face and hands. -Is the apparel worn by a woman not a dress of fame, meaning the dress of celebrity so and know, and that doesn’t mean that the lady behind him to be famous in the community can be viewed by the eyes because of this.

-Isn’t the apparel adornment in itself Contain forms that attract attention to him, or stone, or anything added to its decorations.

-To not wear women’garments is similar to guys dress.

-It should not be like the body of this infidel.

The close connection between Abaya as well as the and Ideological idea and its preservation of the critical purpose for which it had been discovered, which is that the decency. It contributes to providing an notion of girls in their form.

And show no resistance Abay or any other robe that is relevant to the states of the dress of Islamic women, unless he redeems and describes the charms of their body, even if it entered some colours and trim

Islamic Clothes

Islamic clothes from egyptabaya

Mings is not exaggerated. Designers Attempt to choose the Layouts of the full size abayas, with the design of this under-shoulder area, noting that the alternative diminish or of abaya doesn’t diminish the elegance of this feminine. How to choose designer and the layout, which unites the dress as well as the jacket and show the female in sophistication, even if the design is simple, bearing in mind its suitability to the occasion and the location. Abayas can be categorized as older and married women, unlike women’ abayas. This difference can be found in the specific kinds of fabrics and colors and the colours. Old, and do not give her more than her age.

When buying abaya is her First thing that the woman likes Layout, tailoring and also the quality of her cloth. The issue how comfortable and sensible it is, not impressed by others’ interest and the admiration of others, brings them in the first place and as much as she likes them.

Also the emerging in a way does not mean not Abandoning the religious principles in the dress and, of conservative women Left in our fashion in all of its forms, even if it does not Suit us sometimes, and the consequent taxes we pay without knowing the Abandonment of statutes Our true religion and our legislation.