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Cloud Hosting vs WordPress Hosting

Top 5 best cloud servers for hosting Site on cloud Tech


List of top 5 and cloud servers pioneer to Server and supply for hosting site online cloud computing technologies.


We’ve ranked out the top most prominent cloud that was leading Servers for hosting site on cloud computing 10, providing companies. Hosting site on cloud server create website quicker with robust high speed servers colocation data center.


Here’s the list top 5 pioneer in providing cloud servers:


Rackspace:colocation data center


Based in US, Rackspace is among the cloud Server provider for any site. It’s two type of cloud hosting server, one managed hosting and yet another cloud server. Pricing of Rackspace cloud server relied in budget.


Service is also provided by it such as email hosting, cloud backup, Cloud monitoring and etc..




DigitalOcean has improved tremendously in few year. Launched in year 2012, DO droplets number is increasing without any fall of chart. Price of DO cloud server is reduced prices ($5 for 512MB RAM) one of the peer competitors.


It’s busy and backed by some most expertise staff Community with knowledge base articles.


Amazon EC2:


A part of Amazon Web Services (AWS) — EC2 is specially made For cloud servers hosting operation providing server setup that is best to boost website speed and scalability.


Pricing for AWS EC2 is contemplate as moderate pricing.




Comparable to DigitalOcean, Vultr is just another cloud server that Is lower priced like DO and provider higher configuration on server (768 MB RAM at $5).




IWeb offer cloud server for both Linux and Windows OS. There Are not many options of system but server could be scalable from 1GB RAM to 8GB RAM. Pricing will be differed dependent on RAM and Storage size.


IWeb can be considered under range pricing cloud servers.


Cloud hosting, by its very nature, is scalable. Your The tools of site come from many servers, so you can max one out and pick up sources. You also only pay for what you use, meaning you won’t need until farther down the line.


WordPress hosting is scalable in the sense that once you’ve Outgrown WordPress you can update to a handled WordPress. Beyond this, though, you will have set.


: Scalability — Verdict


Cloud hosting wins on scalability. You can pull resources From several servers and only pay for everything you need, making cloud hosting perfect for growing websites. From shared to handled wordPress hosting can be upgraded, but there is still limitations with both.




Pricing can be a little tricky. Because cloud On a pay-as-you-go foundation, it is impossible to tell you exactly how much it costs. You’re ultimately in charge of the fee that is closing.


That said, there are some base rates which are offered by Suppliers to give you an indication of the basic costs involved. Below, we’ve picked out some of the top suppliers (who we’ll talk about in another section) to show you their monthly fees:


Provider Cloud Shared WordPress Managed WordPress


Bluehost n/a* $3.95 — $5.95 $29.99 — $59.95


A2 Hosting $5 — $371 $7.99 — $24.46 $24.46 — $75.48


HostGator $12.95 — $19.95 $14.95 — $27.95 n/a*


1&1 IONOS $10


*n/a is said where the provider doesn’t offer that kind of hosting.


Starting with WordPress hosting, as you can see, the pricing If rates are significant for you, Bluehost provides the cheapest shared WordPress hosting, while 1& 1 1 IONOS can’t be matched for handled WordPress hosting deals.


It is close — very close — but we are giving pricing to cloud hosting. The main benefit of WordPress hosting is where you stand you know Month-on-month in terms. But it’s cloud hosting’s adaptability That gives the upper hand to it.