Carpet Cleaning Ft. Worth

Different carpet cleaning methods that are put to use by companies

Carpet Cleaning Ft. Worth paves way for such a situation where you have numerous choice at your peril. You might want to figure out which method works better than the others. But the most important point of consideration would be the choice of a carpet cleaning method. Take into consideration that not each and every method would work for your carpet. Let us now observe the various types of carpet cleaning methods in the market

Hot extraction

Here high-pressure hot water to dissolve the carpet fiber whereby the dirt dissolves in the carpet. On a solid surface, you apply the cleaning agent, with a brush and then go on to rinse it. Once this takes place you need to incorporate a carpet cleaning method to rinse it dry. Then allow it to soak in the temperature as well.

For an average size of carpet around 3000 square feet, it might be taking around 2 hours to clean and another 4 hours for it to dry. The companies generally are of the opinion that cleaning as a task should be undertaken in the late afternoon and you can allow them to dry in an air conditioning temperature. This means by the next day the carpet would be up and rolling.

Carpet shampoo

This was a popular method until the concept of encapsulation technology did emerge in the period of 1970s. Shampooing would remove major dirt from the carpet but a major drawback would be a lot of foam does remain in the carpet. Once the rinsing of the carpet occurs for sure it would take a lot of time for it to dry. For this reason, this method seems to be less popular than others.

Bonnet cleaning

A good degree of surface cleaning occurs by this method. The top portion of the carpet you are going to clean with the use of a heavy machine. It has been subject to immersion to absorb dirt from the carpet surface. This form of cleaning does seem popular in hotels as cleaning can take place in a quick manner. The reason being it allows carpets to be clean without a lot of inconvenience to the guests.

The only drawback is that since it does not go deep and clean the surface chances are high that the dirt could make its way back. This also paves the way to a situation where chemical residue might emerge in the carpet. In fact, pressure from the heavy machine would cause the application of chemical and residue on to the dirt.

Dry cleaning

This appears to be one of the popular carpet cleaning methods among the lot. This has gone on to gain a lot of popularity in the last few years mainly due to the methods being put to practice. The major benefit of this method would be that it does not require a lot of drying time. After its invention, a lot of chemical products have gone on to emerge in the market.