Fast track road speed limit in Ontario

Fast track road speed limit in Ontario

In congested cities of the world there is a heavy load on roads due to mass transport system and ever growing industries. In such cities the per person income is very handsome as compare to other regions of that country, so a number of employees tend to have their own vehicle, which is also causing rush on roads due to which precious time is wasted. Ontario is also one of such city, which remains busy all the time. There are rules and regulation as to how to drive and what the maximum speed limit in various areas is.

There are effectively three speed limits for any highway, which are as follows:

  1. Design Speed: The maximum speed at which a road can be safely navigated
  2. Operating Speed: it’s the measurement of traffic that how fast it actually moves on the road.
  3. Posted Speed: It is the type of speed which is displayed on the roadside signs. The posted speed is a combination of many factors, including a commonly used measure called the 85th percentile: the speed at which 85 per cent of traffic will travel at or below.

The existing speed limit on 400 series highways in Ontario is 100 Kilometer per hour or 100 Km/h but according to transport ministry of Canada these highways are capable to handle traffic moving at 120 Km/h.


In Canada, maximum posted speed limits vary by province, from 90 km/h in Prince Edward Island to 110 km/h in B.C. Limits likely to be higher in the U.S., where the national speed limit law was repealed in 1995: Hawaii has the lowest limits in the country at 97 Km/h, while Texas has the highest at 137 Km/h. whereas in European countries the common speed is 120 Km/h.


Since 1970, speed limits in Ontario have not changed. Before then, it was not unusual to have 90 km/h on two-lane highways and 110 km/h limit on superhighways. The energy crisis and the metric system have put an end to that. In 1977 the highway speed limits were changed to metric, they were decreased in order to reduce fuel consumption.


Some of the Ontario municipalities are more flexible with higher speed limits. In the United Counties of Prescott and Russell in Eastern Ontario, the speed limit on County Route 17 is 90 km/h in most rural sections. Whereas in southwestern Ontario, the speed limit is also 90 km/h on roads in at least three different counties.


Meanwhile, all but one of Ontario’s neighboring jurisdictions have increased their superhighway speed limits in recent years. The western province of Manitoba has set to 110 km/h on the Trans-Canada which connects with Ontario.