How to promote a successful real estate on the internet

Do you know how to promote a real estate? If last month we emphasized on Faisal Hills female profile, in our last case study we do it in the importance of surrounding yourself with the best team.

In our daily work as real estate marketing professionals, we frequently find businesses with several owners or with a management team made up of several members. We always recommend choosing a central figure that serves as the face of the team.

How to promote a successful real estate on the internet

This is the case of Sky Marketing, a real estate agency located in  Islamabad, Tennessee region, whose face visible on social networks is led by Brian Copeland.

His team, consisting of a property specialist, an investment analyst and a customer service coordinator, works in a coordinated way to provide a positive online image through social networks.

Its objective:

Find a way to connect with your local audience.

In Copeland’s words “Our goal is not to be the most visible real estate agents, but to be the most relevant, it is the best way to promote real estate on social networks.”

Something that Inmogesco we know well, because we often find real estate agents who want to obtain great visibility on social networks and not great relevance for their audience. In the current scenario, being able to reach the right people at the right time is much more important than having millions of followers and no conversion.

The Nashville and Beyond team strives every day to find that relevance in their social media profiles through a careful online image. For example, instead of complying with the default images on the sites where they are present (Yelp, Google+), Copeland advises “if your audience sees a default avatar on your profile, it seems to be incomplete and that your business is not open. ”

Like many other companies today, Copeland encourages its team to be active in the online community. For example, all its members participate in Yelp, where they contribute criticism and comments about other real estate businesses.

In this way they manage to draw attention to their own real estate, always in a constructive and positive way. An example of how this attitude has provided new customers is the case of a waiter from one of the premises that the team usually frequents. Following a good review of the service, this waiter recognized Copeland and asked him to sell a house received in an inheritance.

By last:

Highlight the way in which Copeland and his team manage to connect with their online community to sell Islamabad property. In the words of the visible face of the real estate agency “Transmitting an open image for all is a reflection of our brand.”

That’s why they share photos of their team on a daily basis as well as local news, including photos of their client’s renovations! Always looking for the personalization of the contents to stand out against the competition.

And to show a button. In the Twitter profile of Copeland you will find information about the sector and many other topics related to your work, but also lots of personal moments with your work team that make your online presence more accessible and real.

Note that the careful presence of the brand in social networks is reinforced by an  impeccable real estate website where it is easy to find what you are looking for. We especially like how the property files are presented, with all nearby services well marked, such as schools or institutes.