Latest information of UNIVERSITY TOWN

Declared the ballot date of this plot for its block-I in its own international block and block-I of Executive block. The computerized ballot program is going to be on 21st December. The additional information of this ballot procedure is going to be upgraded on our site.

  1. ZAHID RAFIQUE that the chairman of both FDHL and manager of HABIB They’ll make the occasion more fabulous. The occasion is an invite-only. If a individual has invitation-only they could combine or attend the occasion. The direction maintained a digital platform for attendees. There’ll be a site for those attendees in which the attendees should enroll before December 19, 2019, without registration they might not be permitted to join.


The wait for all of the excited individuals is close to complete today. The overseas Pakistanis can now avail of the opportunity and spend in this stable society. Individuals who have been in await the access to ownership and allotment is now able to obtain their plot and build for them because their dream home. The maturation of mosques, schools, streets infrastructure, and water distribution was accomplished. It occurred in a really short time period by the travail function of engineers and programmers.

On the afternoon of the event, the programmer of the university town will place the substructure of both Boulevard and disperse the optic fiber system in the international block and also at the executive block that the handling the arrangement for the community of optic fiber in addition to will place the foundation for mosques, schools, and construction of water tanks INSHALLAH. These procedures are going to be on the afternoon of this event in front of all of the attendees and guests. And it’ll be a minute to feel the achievement of this UNIVERSITY TOWN in actual. Each of the members and bands of this capital smart city will appreciate and feel that this instant profoundly.


While this procedure the UNIVERSITY TOWN can be starting the construction of smart Villas in both of these blocks. The villas are established a month ago. The development and first steps are touches to every other one by one. All of the fantastic news is in a time to take place. The growth process will be continuing as it’s and also the rapid work will allow the investors have their plots earlier. Individuals that have a dream and are in await the plot in overseas and executive cubes are going to have their fantasy true when their evolution realized.


The development procedure in the Rest of the cubes is continuing with The expectation of conclusion earlier. The group is also eager to see the society and Each block filled with residents with a serene life and revel in the fought Planned society and intelligent features.