While designing an app or game, the developer puts some kind of locks of certain levels of the application or user need an approved license to run it. To decode those locks, you have to fulfill the requirements of the application. Nowadays, the trend of patching an application has become very common. The patching is basically changing of software of the program of which you want to update a level, remove the ad, or fix it according to your requirement and improve the performance of the application. Both mobile apps and computer programs can be patched. Lucky Patcher is the trending patching tools being used worldwide mostly by android users. It can be used by both ways either by rooting your device or without rooting the device.

How does this patcher work?

      It is used for different purposes and can simple regard as an all-in-one app.

  1. Elimination of license verification step:

Go the patcher app select on start-up the required game or app for which you want to remove the license and select ‘Remove License Verification’ and then auto select. Now the application is license free.

  • For removal of ads:

Google ads mostly show in many games which disturbs and divert the attention of the users. This patching tool can also remove these ads for this you need to type the application or software on the name then simply select the ‘Remove Google Ads’ option and lastly click at ‘Patch to Remove Google Ads.’ The original version can be restored by Restore option.

  • For changing permissions for an application:

Tap name of software on start-up, select the ‘Change Permission,’ the red color is for disabling while green color for enabling. Select the required action and enjoy using the app.

  • Create a modified APKs:

The paid feature can be unlocked by using this patcher for free by creating custom patches for the application, for example, custom patch for Gaia GPS, custom patch for KineMaster and others. Even after deleting the modified APKs can restore.

Want to hack all the games?

If you want to hack all offline and online games, then this you need to know that this patcher is of no use for online game lovers. If you of clash series lover then this would be of no help as it is an online game. The list of games it will hack for you includes Hungry Shark Evolution, Subway Surf, Deadly fight, Streetfighting 2, Zombie Squad, Age of wind 3, and many others.

Want to install the patcher?

This patcher can directly install from Google. First, open the official site of Lucky, go to the download link and then select the downloaded installer. When the downloading is done open the lucky patcher installer, a question will appear asking if you really want to download it click ‘Yes.’ After verification is finished, click the install button. A warning may appear showing it to be a virus or malware, ignore the warning and select ‘install anyway.’